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“Fun With Annuities” The Annuity Man Podcast

Mar 15, 2023

In this episode, The Annuity Man discussed: 

  • Surfing beside a cruise ship 

  • Who wins in the markets? 

  • What should be your focus in your “chapter two?”



Key Takeaways: 

  • Investing in the markets is like surfing beside a cruise ship. There are times that you will catch a wave and you'll just surf and it'll be fantastic, but there are also times you’ll get sucked under the boat.

  • Big-money institutions win in the markets, they trade fast and trade constantly. The market is stacked against individual investors. 

  • There’s nothing wrong with playing the markets and taking a little risk. However, when you’re in chapter two, your focus should solely be on putting guarantees in place in order for you to enjoy your life’s work. 


"There's no need to roll the dice with a running start. There's no reason for that. You don't have to do that anymore. You need to focus on yourself, you need to take some risk off the table" —  Stan The Annuity Man.


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