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“Fun With Annuities” The Annuity Man Podcast

Sep 20, 2023

In this episode, The Annuity Man discussed: 

  • Acknowledging your wealth

  • The scars of scarcity 

  • Should you be worried about inflation 

  • Setting up contractual guarantees


Key Takeaways: 

  • Be rational about the wealth that you have. Don’t say you’re not rich if you are not one of the 40% of Americans today who have $400 to their name and are struggling. Acknowledge the wealth that you’ve earned. 

  • Many people have what can be called the “scars of scarcity.” Experiencing poverty in one’s youth or growing up amid an economic crisis tends to leave scars in the mind of a person. People with the scars of scarcity tend to be needlessly cautious about spending a little extra money on things like food, travel, or other things.  

  • Inflation affects those who are on the low end of the country. If you are rich and worried about inflation, then you are not doing the math. A hike in the price of gas or eggs isn’t going to affect you; it’s going to affect the other 60% of people in America. 

  • With annuities, you can set things up contractually so that there’s a lifetime income stream that you can never outlive, or you can just live off the interest and never touch the principal. 


"I need you to start acting rich. Put that team of advisers around you because you are rich, whether you think you are or not. Start acting a little bit more annuity rich, meaning put guarantees in place so you can go live your life and not worry about it." —  Stan The Annuity Man. 



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