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“Fun With Annuities” The Annuity Man Podcast

Jan 25, 2022

In this episode, The Annuity Man and John Lenz discuss: 

  • What does laddering mean? 
  • Lowering risk until it’s nonexistent
  • Hybridization of annuities
  • Annuity industry standards 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Laddering is when you commit to pushing out your money when it becomes liquid into the long end of your ladder and recycling fixed income or annuities to keep your ladder in good form. 
  • If you look at a two-year period or three-year period, you’ll see that the chance of you losing money in a long period of time goes down until it’s nonexistent. 
  • Hybridization brings in the best features of a fixed annuity and the features of a variable annuity - which gives upside growth and brings them together into the index annuity. 
  • Regulators look at index annuities closely; there’s lots of disclosure and lots of innovation. The range of expectations is broadening. 


"The longer that you measure the equity markets, the higher probability that you’re gonna have a predictably higher rate of return… " —  John Lenz. 


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