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“Fun With Annuities” The Annuity Man Podcast

Apr 6, 2021

In this episode, The Annuity Man discusses: 

  • The top questions to ask your advisor about annuities. 
  • Knowing which questions are deal-breakers from the beginning for advising you about annuities. 
  • The nuances and varieties of annuities. 
  • The reasons to ask these questions for your best contractual guarantees. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • All lifetime income streams are life expectancy-based, interest rates play a secondary role. 
  • If your advisor only represents a handful of carriers, they are not qualified to sell annuities. Annuities are a commodity product you quote all carriers for the highest contractual guarantee for your situation. 
  • Don’t allow your advisor to just say “trust me this is a good one.” You want to know what it is you own, don’t just take someone’s word for it. 


"Hold their feet to the fire. This is your money. This is serious. With annuities, once you sign that paperwork and once that policy has been issued, you better know what the heck you own. So don’t just trust or take someone’s word for it." —  Stan The Annuity Man 


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